Complete Building Systems Integration

Utah Yamas Controls is a fully capable systems integrators that can bring all of your building systems together under a single user interface allowing you to focus your time and resources where they are needed most.

We are one of the few companies that can provide you with a complete picture of your buildings critical infrastructure and energy usage by interfacing the many sub systems into a single and powerful graphical user interface that is cost effective and simple to use.

As one of Security Dealers Magazines (SDM) Top 100 systems integrators in the country, Utah Yamas Controls has the knowledge and resources to design and install integrated security systems to meet any need. From a high rise building to an airport, university campus or military base, we can seamlessly integrate your Access Control, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, Visitor Management, Panic Alarms, Mass Notification, Critical Equipment Monitoring and your Building Management Systems (BMS) together.

DDC Control Systems for HVAC and Energy Management

In today’s business environment, you need to take advantage of every available opportunity to increase the bottom line. An intelligent Building Management system from Utah Yamas Controls can help you manage your energy consumption allowing you to realize tremendous savings on your utility and operating costs.

Security Cameras and Intelligent Video Management Systems

Utah Yamas Controls has been installing state of the art integrated security systems for more than 20 years. Utah Yamas Controls specializes in providing easy to use, future proof video surveillance systems that are scalable from small installations to enterprise level integrated network video systems with hundreds of cameras and redundant storage arrays.

Access Control & Security Systems

An access control system from Utah Yamas Controls provides many benefits and can quickly pay for itself with higher security and lower costs. With thousands of installations, Utah Yamas Controls has provided more access control systems in the Intermountain West than anyone else.

Energy Services

From the perspective of your business  and adding to your bottom line, our Energy Services Team enacts measures that will reduce your energy consumption by the use of EMS functions like time programs, occupancy sensors, enthalpy controls and other control strategies. With Utah Yamas Controls’ in-depth knowledge of your system controls, we can optimize these efficiencies with modern technologies.

Automated Lighting Control Systems

A lighting control system is one of the best investments you can make in your building and when properly implemented it can save energy and improve the work environment. Our automated lighting control systems incorporate daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, time schedules and building sweeps to provide you with unmatched energy savings.

Demand Response Programs

The intent of demand response programs is to match your energy load to your predicted usage to keep energy costs down. Power companies must equalize power usage within the limits of their power grid to minimize brownouts and blackouts. If the power grid experiences a high load, rotating blackouts would be required to preserve the grid, and you would be notified to curtail your load usage at your facility in order to reduce the load.

Energy Audits & Utility Analysis

To keep your building running at optimal performance, Utah Yamas will perform energy audits, which establish a baseline for energy usage and determines the feasibility of any energy retrofit components. All critical building components such as HVAC equipment, lighting, other electrical loads and domestic water usage are surveyed and recorded over a period of time to establish a usage profile for all utilities. This live data is compared to past utility bills by trained Utah Yamas Controls certified energy managers (CEM’s) who will ascertain the best possible energy conservation measures based on the results of that study.