Energy Services

Energy Services

The approach to energy management starts with raising consumer awareness for energy conservation and its benefits to the environment. To have the most impact, energy management measures may have a seemingly negative effect on the comfort level of every-day users – a price many consumers are willing to pay. 

The more traditional approach to energy management from the perspective of your business includes measures that will reduce your energy consumption by the use of EMS functions like time programs, occupancy sensors, enthalpy controls and other control strategies. With Utah Yamas Controls’ in-depth knowledge of your system controls, we can optimize these efficiencies with modern technologies. 

 Demand Response Programs 

The intent of demand response programs is to match your energy load to your predicted usage to keep energy costs down. Power companies must equalize power usage within the limits of their power grid to minimize brownouts and blackouts. If the power grid experiences a high load, rotating blackouts would be required to preserve the grid, and you would be notified to curtail your load usage at your facility in order to reduce the load. At this time, all existing demand response programs target the electric distribution grid, although it is conceivable in the near future that other utilities such as gas or water will also offer these demand response programs. Programs vary from city to city, depending on the utility company. 

Energy Audits & Utility Analysis 

To keep your building running at optimal performance, Utah Yamas will perform energy audits, which establish a baseline for energy usage and determines the feasibility of any energy retrofit components. All critical building components such as HVAC equipment, lighting, other electrical loads and domestic water usage are surveyed and recorded over a period of time to establish a usage profile for all utilities. This live data is compared to past utility bills by trained Utah Yamas Controls certified energy managers (CEM’s) who will ascertain the best possible energy conservation measures based on the results of that study.

Automated Lighting Control Systems

A lighting control system is one of the best investments you can make in your building and when properly implemented it can save energy and improve the work environment. Lighting constitutes the largest energy cost in most buildings and it is often overlooked. Not only will a lighting control system save money on your monthly electrical bill, it can increase comfort and improve productivity by enhancing the lighting in your space. 

Our automated lighting control systems incorporate daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, time schedules and building sweeps to provide you with unmatched energy savings. New lighting technology contributes greatly when you are trying to attain Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building certification and Utah Yamas Controls can help you implement the latest technology including dimmable LED lighting.