Intelligent Building Management

DDC Control Systems for HVAC and Energy Management

Utah Yamas Controls has been installing and servicing automated DDC Systems since 1991. As Schneider Electrics largest independent dealer in the country, we have decades of experience with many different product lines including Barber Coleman, Network 8000, S90, I/Net, Vista, TAC, Invensys, I/A, StruxureWare, Tridium R2 and AX, SIEBE, Honeywell, Niagara and many others. 

In today’s business environment, you need to take advantage of every available opportunity to increase the bottom line. A state of the art energy management system from Utah Yamas Controls can help you realize tremendous savings on your utility and operating costs. We have the knowledge to help you navigate the available tax credits and utility rebates so that you can afford to retrofit your existing building to take advantage of the latest energy saving technology.  Our energy management specialists possess a depth of knowledge, training and educational background that is unmatched in the industry and they are critical to the success of any project we work on. 

Many energy management systems are similar, but what separates Utah Yamas Controls from everyone else is our people. With hundreds of years of combined industry experience and a thorough knowledge of mechanical and electrical control systems, we simply know how to maximize your energy savings while still providing a comfortable environment for your tenants.  

We provide smart, comfortable, secure and energy efficient solutions for buildings, campuses, school districts and industrial facilities throughout the Intermountain West. At Utah Yamas Controls, our mission is to provide our customers with comfort, safety and cost savings by delivering the most energy efficient, secure and effectively managed building on the planet.

Benefit from a Building Management System

  • Comfort Level– Automatic control of a building’s equipment allows optimal temperature levels and lighting schemes to be properly maintained within a facility, insuring continual measured comfort for all occupants. As a result, customers benefit from a Building Management System by reducing energy waste through consistently maintaining temperature levels and lighting.
  • Occupant Satisfaction – Building Management Systems maintain improved and consistent comfort levels and operating equipment with fewer problems. Increased comfort results in fewer occupant complaints and reduced time spent resolving problems, thus creating happier occupants, and a more conducive work or educational environment.
  • Productivity– By utilizing precise control over air quality and ventilation, a Building Management System provides greater employee productivity and less use of sick time. An environment that supports better health and working conditions, as well as reduces sick days, affectively lowers overhead costs.
  • Utility Costs– A well tuned Building Management System immediately lowers operating cost of the mechanical control equipment. Through management of lighting, load shedding and equipment schedules, energy savings can be realized. For most buildings, this results in savings that range from 15% to 35% over that of older non-automated buildings.
  • Simplified Operation – Real time graphical user interfaces through the automated control system  allow immediate access to vital operating information,  run time statuses, and current  equipment conditions in the building without having to directly access a roof or crawling through ceilings. You benefit by saving on costly inspection visits, and from simplified building operations.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs – Building owners benefit from a Building Management System through lower maintenance costs and extended equipment life by efficiently scheduling and optimizing the operation of equipment, thus eliminating unnecessary runtime and reducing wear-and-tear.
  • Reduced Interruptions – Unanticipated systems and equipment failures can cause interruptions in the normal operation of a school and its services. A Building Management System can reduce interruptions by reliably cycling equipment to maintain peak functionality. This can be important for schools and universities by meeting expectations for yearly federal, state and local education mandates and schedules through eliminating interruption in building operation of the school facilities and buildings.
  • Preventative Maintenance –Facility equipment failures and emergency repairs are usually very expensive. Automated building system can monitor equipment status and help you anticipate and prevent predictable failures. Histories may be recorded that track and trend equipment runtimes, alarm histories, energy loads and other vital data so that the life cycle of equipment can be calculated and preventative maintenance can be scheduled.
  • Pay-Back on Investment–We provide energy management systems that reduce the overall operational costs of a building over decades of use. By realizing a savings on operational expenditures, most systems can pay for themselves in less than 3 to 5 years through recovered energy costs and cost savings from more effective operations and maintenance.
  • Bottom Line–Buildings simply benefit from a Building Management System. In today’s demanding circumstances a building owner or manager cannot afford to conduct operations and manages it resources without a solution that includes an effective Building Management System.
  • Finding a Solution that Matches Your Needs and Goals–We have a complete system of products, services and fully engineered solutions. Our professional and experienced staff can help you determine a solution tailored to your requirements and show you how you can benefit from a Building Management System.