Access Control Partners

Software House
Software House CCURE 9000 Enterprise provides an advanced distributed architecture for enterprise scalability. Whether your organization consists of a few facilities that are locally dispersed or many that span the globe, this solution grows as your company grows. C•CURE 9000 Enterprise gives corporate security personnel and IT managers central control over the entire system, while each local facility maintains independent control of its individual operation.
Galaxy Control Systems Authorized Dealer
Galaxy Control Systems is a global leader in the access control industry. Established in 1974, Galaxy represents the evolution of Digital Systems Corporation, an award winning defense contractor that developed a surveillance and tracking system for the US Military.
TAC I/Net Seven makes commercial buildings smarter by integrating and automating the technical systems required to run them. By offering TAC Services within our Open Systems for Building IT® approach, we are able to reduce operating costs over a building structure's entire life cycle while at the same time enhancing the safety, comfort and convenience it offers inhabitants.
Andover Controls is now part of TAC. Andover Controls designs, manufactures, and installs "Smart Building" facility management systems. Our systems help you optimize your building's performance and ensure its occupants the utmost in comfort, security, and productivity. The Andover Continuum - Stentofon IP Interface provides a simple, yet powerful interface for trapping Stentofon intercom events and triggering Andover Continuum Plain English commands.
Honeywell Access Systems
Honeywell Access Systems provides state-of-the-art access control software that integrates the most advanced security technologies with innovative networking capabilities to bring you full-featured security solutions serving any size facility. There offerings include versatile, reliable and expandable control panels and hardware for your access security system as well as proximity readers and control systems integrated into one small unit. Although technologically sophisticated, they are quick and simple to use, as well as compact and flexible in application.
Millennium Group
Millennium Group is the leading access control system provider, specializing in solutions for Education, Business, Government, Condominiums and Healthcare. They have everything for your access control needs, whether you’re securing one door or 100…whether you need ID badges or guard tour monitoring. Millennium systems product line includes: Door & Elevator Access Control, Alarms, CCTV, & Guard Tour Monitoring, Operator ID & ID Badging, Lighting and Electrical Control.
AWID is a world-wide provider of RFID products and solutions. AWID focuses on OEM, distributor, VAR and SI channel management and has been able to rapidly grow its business. AWID has been a trusted name in RFID technology since its inception in 1997.
Designed to enhance the security, convenience and aesthetics of any installation, HID reader technology is the global technology of choice for accuracy, compatibility, technological innovation and responsiveness. HID secure contactless and contact readers and reader boards and cores are used in a limitless variety of applications: facility access control, mobile payment devices, computer network data security, medical record management, employee time and attendance, border control and many more.
Since 1969, IR's Locknetics has provided premium electronic access control solutions.